Maesteg School in Bridgend recognises that there are barriers that impact on progress for a majority of pupils. The school provides an extensive range of intervention strategies, including individual mentoring, alternative pathways providing personalised programmes, highly specialised additional learning support and partnerships with other agencies. The impact of any intervention […]

Estyn: Maesteg School – Strategies to reduce barriers to progress and ensure support for every pupil

Reading Buddies highlights the important role of young sport leaders in developing the reading competencies of younger boys. Peer mentors used sport-themed literature to improve the reading levels and self-confidence of their buddies. This case study highlights how schools can use sport and PE as a vehicle to address the priorities of the […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Llantwit Major Comprehensive School – Reading Buddies

The Child’s Journey charts the progress of Kieran and a group of targeted children through an initiative reflecting the principles of the Physical Literacy Framework and using resources developed through PESS and PLPS. The bespoke, child-centred initiative provided a safe, inclusive, innovative setting for Kieran and his group to experience success, believe in themselves, increase […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Gelli Primary School – Being Available to Learn

Owning the Physical Literacy Journey describes how an innovative, self-directed learning approach enables children and young people to take responsibility for their own physical literacy journey. Empowering children and young people to take ownership for their learning and the learning of their peers impacted positively on both academic and health related outcomes. This case […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Darran Park Primary School and Whitchurch High School – Developing Leadership Skills: Taking Responsibility and Enhancing Wellbeing

Key Points: ‘Closing the Gap’ tracks the progress of boys from Herbert Thompson Primary and Michaelston Community College engaged in an innovative initiative to support physical, academic, social and personal development. With training and support from teachers and a PESS trainer, young leaders were able to provide a bespoke, child-centred and innovative initiative, […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Herbert Thompson Primary School and Michaelston Community College – ‘Aqua Dragons’ Tackling poverty and disadvantage in boys through physical literacy