The Central South Consortium (CSC) has provided this website to support schools in the Central South Wales region and beyond to share effective practice with their colleagues. Whilst CSC will make every effort to quality assure the practices that are detailed in the case studies and have asked for all submitted case studies to include two examples of where the effective practice has been recognised, CSC cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. The CSC is happy to support schools to implement practice found on the website, but we cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of any practice that is replicated in a school without due consideration to context that has been found in a case study on this website. CSC has provided contact details for the case studies so that schools can contact each other to find out further information. Please contact the Consortium on 01443 827500 / communications@cscjes.org.uk if you require support to implement any of these practices in your school. The Consortium can not be held responsible for the content of external links provided on this website.  At the times of publishing every effort will have been made to quality assure the content.  A link to an external website does not equal an endorsement.  For support identifying which type of practice would be most appropriate for your school to achieve its targets please contact the Consortium using the details above.