Willowbrook Primary School

Areas(s) of focus: Raising standards in pupil achievement in Mathematics. School(s) or partnership name: Willowbrook Primary School Name of Lead Person: Miss Sian Ritchie / Mrs Rebecca Mansfield – Mathematics Subject Leaders Role of lead person: Miss Sian Ritchie - Key Stage 2 Leader for Learning Lead person e-mail address: sritchie@willowbrookprm.cardiff.sch.uk Lead person telephone […]

Willowbrook Primary School – Raising Standards in Pupil Achievement in Mathematics

Area of focus: Improving the quality of teaching School(s) or partnership name: Willowbrook Primary School Name of lead person: Steve Davies Role of lead person: Headteacher Lead person e-mail address: stdavies@cardiff.gov.uk Lead person telephone number: 029 2079 5965 Local Authority: Cardiff Phase(s): Foundation Phase and key stage 2   Context and background to case study Willowbrook Primary […]

Raising Standards in Teaching – Willowbrook Primary School

School name(s): Willowbrook Primary School in partnership with Thornhill Primary School (Cardiff) and Penyrenglyn Primary School (RCT) Name of Lead Person(s): Miss Lisa Davies / Mrs Harriet Barber (Eco Leaders) Role of Lead Person(s): Eco Committee Leader Lead person e-mail address:  lisadavies@willowbrookprm.cardiff.sch.uk hbarber@willowbrookprm.cardiff.sch.uk Lead person telephone number: 029 2079 5965 Local Authority(ies): Cardiff […]

Developing Excellent Eco Practice to Achieve the Platinum Award – Willowbrook Primary School

Area(s) of focus: Improving attendance Name of school / partnership: Willowbrook Primary School Name of lead person: Steve Davies Role of lead person: Headteacher Local authority(ies): Cardiff Phase(s): Primary   Context and background Willowbrook Primary School is located in St Mellons in Cardiff. There are currently 352 full-time and 64 part-time […]

Willowbrook Primary School – Improving Attendance