Following the arrival of a new headteacher at Bryntirion Comprehensive School, a leadership team was put in place that enabled the school to focus on delivering high quality education. Number of learners: 1121 Age range: 11-18 Date of inspection: October 2016 Information about the school Bryntirion Comprehensive School is an […]

Estyn: Bryntirion Comprehensive School – Developing a Strategic Vision for Improving Education

Oldcastle Primary School’s mathematics intervention has transformed the subject for the lowest achieving learners and raised standards for all. The school is also the first in Wales to use a new system to support pupils' speech and language therapy. Number of learners: 437 Date of inspection: June 2017 Information about […]

Estyn: Oldcastle Primary School – Innovative Interventions That Lead to Improvement in Attainment

Areas(s) of focus: Raising standards in pupil achievement in Mathematics. School(s) or partnership name: Willowbrook Primary School Name of Lead Person: Miss Sian Ritchie / Mrs Rebecca Mansfield – Mathematics Subject Leaders Role of lead person: Miss Sian Ritchie - Key Stage 2 Leader for Learning Lead person e-mail address: Lead person telephone […]

Willowbrook Primary School – Raising Standards in Pupil Achievement in Mathematics

When I became Acting Headteacher at Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr in July 2004, Estyn had just placed the school in ‘serious weaknesses’. In December 2005 Estyn returned and lifted the school out of the category – a remarkable achievement in a period of only four school terms. When Estyn returned again […]

Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr – The Parlimentary Review: A Year in Perspective

Context of Research With a common focus on the issue of improvement, the purpose of the collaborative coaching programme was to encourage the development of a whole school coaching programme and in doing so collaborate with two other schools within a defined SIG. The focus of the coaching was to […]

Developing Outdoor Provision in the Foundation Phase – SIG 31

Context of Research Aims Deepen professional understanding of effective feedback and marking Create a shared, consistent approach to feedback and marking Create a school policy that promotes effective feedback strategies Create a portfolio of examples of effective feedback to support marking policy Training A SIG focus on effective feedback inspired […]

Deepening Professional Understanding of Effective Feedback and Marking – SIG 14

Context of Research The schools collaborated with a focus on developing leadership structures and responsibilities to raise standards, specifically on literacy and numeracy. Ffaldau Primary was supported by Tondu Primary. Standards/ Outcomes Tondu: L4+ performance rose in 2016. Results were similar in all three core subjects and all were above […]

Developing Leadership to Raise Standards – Tondu Primary and Ffaldau Primary

Context of Research Staff from Llansannor Primary were supported by Mynydd Cynffig Primary. From the outset there was a clear, focused remit for the work: Raise standards in mathematics and numeracy, particularly at level 5 at key stage 2 and Outcomes 5 and 6 in Foundation Phase; Improve pupil performance […]

Raising Standards in Mathematics and Numeracy – Mynydd Cynffig Primary and Llansannor Primary

Name of contact: Catrin Evans Role of contact: Assistant headteacher Contact details: / 01656 815700   Context and background of case study In light of the introduction of the Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate, there was a need to consider adjusting the key stage 4 curriculum, including looking for opportunities to develop a Community […]

Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd and Llangynwyd Primary School – Using the Welsh Baccalaureate to Improve Community Links

Ysgol Cynwyd Sant plans exciting creative learning activities to develop pupils’ literacy skills. As a holder of Creative School status they cooperate with the Arts Council in their planning. Number of learners: 306 Age range: 3-11 Date of inspection: October 2016 Information about the school Ysgol Cynwyd Sant is situated […]

Estyn: Ysgol Cynwyd Sant – Improve Literacy Through Creative Learning

Context and background  Our key stage 3 year groups included a high number of boys, with 59% of our Year 9 learners eligible for Free School Meals. Barriers such as a lack of engagement and poor motivation meant boys were not participating in lessons and largely deselecting to engage with the learning process and […]

Cynffig Comprehensive School – Co-construction: ‘Teaching Teachers to Learn and Learners to Teach’

Context and background Historically, our benchmarking data at key stage 3 historically illustrated that Writing is our students’ weakest attainment target. While this is consistent across all groups of learners (69% of students achieved Level 5 compared to 81% 2015 nationally). It is particularly pertinent to our male learners where the differential is characteristically notable. […]

Cynffig Comprehensive School – Mastery

Context and background  Despite good outcomes and a strong trend of work in literacy across the curriculum, the school still recognised the need to further narrow the attainment gap for vulnerable groups. In addressing the implementation of the LNF, the assistant headteacher responsible saw the potential for the introduction of success criteria rubrics to help to improve both […]

Bryntirion Comprehensive School – Using Success Criteria Rubrics to Close the Attainment Gap for eFSM Learners in Literacy

Context and background Due to the national priorities of closing the gap for eFSM and non-FSM pupils and the publicised success of our school in this area, it was decided that we would focus on empowering learners via development of their academic language. In turn, this would support the pupils in accessing texts and more challenging activities. […]

Pencoed Comprehensive School – Words Give Us Power!

Context and Background In keeping with the national trend, for groups of our learners (eFSM and boys) there is an inconsistency in outcomes which is reflected in their participation in lessons. Barriers such as a lack of engagement and poor motivation result in underperformance and a decrease in aspiration. Potentially this leads to students deselecting to engage in […]

Cynffig Comprehensive School – Immersion (Learning Styles)

Context and background to sector-leading practice In 2012, Brackla Primary School worked with the local cluster of schools to employ a Family Engagement Officer (FEO).  Initially, this was successful in developing opportunities for families to support their children.  However, as the FEO worked in six schools, the time spent in […]

Estyn: Brackla Primary School – Making Parents Partners in Learning

Information about the school St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School is in Bridgend.  It has 255 pupils, 80% of who are baptised Catholics.  The school has a wide catchment area and serves families from the full socio-economic range.  Currently, 41% of its pupils have English as an additional language (EAL) and […]

Estyn: St Mary RC Primary – Building Pupils’ Learning Power

Area(s) of focus: Improve Attendance School(s) or partnership name: Bryntirion Comprehensive School Name of lead person: Christine Jenkins Role of lead person: Deputy Headteacher Lead person e-mail address: Local Authority(ies): Bridgend Phase(s): Secondary Context and background to case study: Bryntirion Comprehensive School have a culture of prevention which is strengthened […]

Bryntirion Comprehensive School – Prevention

Name of School: Pencoed Primary School Pencoed Primary School is one of two mainstream schools in the village of Pencoed. The last Estyn report was produced in 2011 and the following information was included in the report. “There are 505 pupils on roll including 33 who attend one of the […]

Pencoed Primary School – Improving Attendance

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School is located in Bridgend and serves a large community across the town. Pontrhydyfen Primary School is a small village school in the Afan Valley. In 2012, Estyn inspected Pontrhydyfen Primary School and identified the need to improve key skills (especially reading, writing and handwriting), […]

Welsh Government – Developing and sharing practice: St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School and Pontrhydyfen Primary School

School context and key issues Pencoed is a secondary school of circa 900 pupils. The school is situated in a semi-rural area with a lot of access to local amenities. There are very few EAL pupils (only two on roll at time of visit) and there is a 15% rate […]

Ipsos MORI – Closing the Gap: Pencoed Comprehensive

School context and key issues Maesteg secondary school provides an education for 1200 pupils aged 11- 18. Some 27% of pupils are eligible for free school meals1 (e-FSM) and 17 are looked after (LAC). Currently there is a 20% attainment gap between eFSM and non-FSM children. The relatively high proportion […]

Ipsos MORI – Closing the Gap: Maesteg Comprehensive School (English only)

Bryntirion school comprises 1040 pupils from ages 11-18. Of these pupils, 22% receive free school meals (FSM) and there are 9 looked after children. Currently, there is an attainment gap of 20%. Attendance is not as much of an issue here than in other schools, with attendance the highest in […]

Ipsos MORI – Closing the Gap: Bryntirion Secondary School

Who was involved? Headteachers Deputy headteachers Senior leaders Support staff ALNCO Convenor James Ridley, Llangynwyd Primary, Bridgend Focus Develop positive behaviour management using expertise of Court School, Cardiff Improve MAT provision and practice Improve practice in the Foundation Phase Share school self -improvement strategies and processes. Actions Headteachers from SIG 33 shared […]

School Improvement Group Thirty Three – Develop positive behaviour management using expertise of Court School, Cardiff

Who was involved? Headteachers, DHTs, Numeracy leaders, Teachers Convenor Margaret Lugg, Maes yr Haul, Bridgend Focus Improve attendance Raise standards of teaching and learning in mathematics. Actions Schools from SIG 28 hosted events to share effective practice. Headteachers agreed to focus on attendance and improving standards in maths. Headteachers shared […]

School Improvement Group Twenty Eight – Raise standards of teaching and learning in mathematics.

Who was involved? Headteachers Teachers ALNCOs Convenor Neil Davies, Mynydd Cynffig Juniors, Bridgend Focus Improve standards of teaching and learning in literacy. Develop the role of SENCO and ALN provision Senior Leader development Actions Three improvement areas were identified by SIG 14, to facilitate this collaboration, triads were formed, focusing […]

School Improvement Group Fourteen – Improve standards of teaching and learning in literacy.

Who was involved? Headteachers Deputy headteachers Convenor Sue Henderson Cefn Glas Infants, Bridgend Focus Improve Welsh 2nd language provision and practice. Improve provision for outdoor learning. Actions SIG 9 began collaborative work with learning walks to share good practice from within their schools. There was a focus on outdoor learning. Welsh […]

School Improvement Group Nine – Improve Welsh 2nd language provision and practice.

Schools participating: Bridgend: Cynffig Comprehensive School Cardiff: Bryn y Deryn, Cardiff High School, Fitzalan High School Merthyr: Pen y Dre High RCT: Mountain Ash Comprehensive School Focus: The SIG is operating in eleven smaller groups known as SIGLETS, each with a different area of responsibility:   SIG steering group Quality […]

Secondary School Improvement Group 2 – SIGLETS

Springwood Primary, Cardiff Bryn Celyn Primary, Cardiff Gelli Primary, Rhondda Cynon Taf Llanhari Primary, Rhondda Cynon Taf Ysgol Yr Eos, Rhondda Cynon Taf Marlborough Primary, Cardiff Ysgol y Ferch O’r Sger, Bridgend Focus: All SIG 27 schools identified improving teaching and learning through the use of Continua as a priority […]

School Improvement Group 27 – Improving Teaching and Learning through the use of Continua

Cadoxton Primary, Vale Brynnau Primary, RCT St. Joseph’s RC , Vale Archdeacon John Lewis, Bridgend Blaengarw Primary, RCT Coedylan Primary, RCT Croesty Primary, Bridgend Cwmfelin Primary, Bridgend Llantrisant Primary, RCT Nantymoel, RCT St. Andrew’s Major, Vale Focus: To improve provision for, pupil skills in, and assessment of numerical reasoning. The […]

School Improvement Group 24 – To improve provision for, pupil skills in, and assessment of numerical reasoning.

Cilfynydd Primary (RCT) Gellifaelog Primary (RCT) Pontrhondda Primary (RCT) St. Helen’s RC Primary (VOG) Trealaw Primary (RCT) Trowbridge Primary (Cardiff) Ysgol Gynradd Coed Y Dderwen (Bridgend) Heronsbridge Special (Bridgend). Focus: To improve classroom and behaviour management Leaders began the collaborative work by visiting schools within the SIG. From this they identified inclusion […]

School Improvement Group 12 – Improving Classroom and Behaviour Management

Pupils of all abilities attend the school and all staff firmly believe in the following core values, which have been embedded in everyday practice: Pupils First Learning Time is Paramount Mutual Respect Working Together Consistently Celebrate the Best Challenge the Rest This case study focuses on the effective use of […]

Wales Centre for Equity in Education: Pencoed Comprehensive School – Reducing the Impact of Poverty

Title of case study: Improving pupil outcomes in L2+ Area(s) of focus: Improve pupil outcomes in L2+ School(s) or partnership name: Archbishop McGrath Catholic Comprehensive School Name of lead person: Angela Keller Role of lead person: Headteacher Lead person e-mail address: Lead person telephone number: 01656 815 500 Local authority(ies): […]

Archbishop McGrath Catholic Comprehensive School – Improving pupil outcomes in L2+

Heronsbridge School, Bridgend, has introduced a behaviour management programme to help improve pupil communication and independence. Staff received training to ensure a consistent approach across the school and the method of recording incidents was improved. As a result, pupils are able to receive personal support plans and the number of […]

Estyn: Heronsbridge School – Managing behaviour

Strategy: A key priority of the school is to embed the development of pupils’ skills into the school’s curriculum framework. Recognising that literacy is central to the success of every pupil, the school’s strategy is to provide a rich variety of literacy experiences across all subjects, so that pupils can […]

Estyn: Cynffig Comprehensive School – Statutory INSET in schools

Maesteg School in Bridgend recognises that there are barriers that impact on progress for a majority of pupils. The school provides an extensive range of intervention strategies, including individual mentoring, alternative pathways providing personalised programmes, highly specialised additional learning support and partnerships with other agencies. The impact of any intervention […]

Estyn: Maesteg School – Strategies to reduce barriers to progress and ensure support for every pupil

Porthcawl Comprehensive School ensures that support programmes are put in place to help pupils with the transition from primary to secondary school. Questionnaires are used to identify children that have particular concerns and these pupils are then invited to join the ‘Helping Hands’ group. The school arranges extra visits for any […]

Estyn: Porthcawl Comprehensive School – Effective transition from primary to secondary school

Action The school decided to use ICT to develop the teaching and learning of literacy. While studying World War 2, Year 5 and 6 classes used Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Friend or Foe’ as a stimulus for work in English. The children focused on the main characters’ evacuation to Devon. Pupils worked collaboratively […]

Estyn: Penybont Primary School – Enhancing literacy through the use of ICT

Five secondary schools, one from each local authority within Central South Consortium Joint Education Service, were invited to take part in the pilot. The selected schools were: Brynteg Comprehensive School – Bridgend Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School - Vale of Glamorgan Eastern High School – Cardiff Pen Y Dre High School – Merthyr […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Learner Voice

Deeper learning maps the progress of learners applying numeracy and ICT skills in the physical environment to improve their academic attainment in multiple subject areas. Engaging subject leads in cross-departmental work effectively provided learners with the opportunity to apply and enhance other subject knowledge in PE practical sessions. This case study highlights how physical […]

Central South Consortium Physical Literacy Team: Maesteg Comprehensive School – Applying knowledge in the physical environment