Ton-yr-Ywen Primary School – Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative Project: ‘Exploring Scott’

School(s) or partnership name: Ton-yr-Ywen Primary School

Name of lead person: Mrs Sarah Mizen and Mrs Vera Richards

Role of lead person: Class teacher and History Subject Leader

Lead person e-mail address:

Lead person telephone number: 02920 754633

Local Authority(ies): Cardiff

Phase(s): Primary


Context and background to case study:

This was the school’s fifth prize winning entry into the competition. This year’s entry was led by the school’s History Club in conjunction with the two Year 2 classes. Contribution to the school’s entry is always based on mixed age and ability.

As has often been the case, we worked closely with local museums and organisations this time - namely The Cardiff Story Museum and the Captain Scott Society in Cardiff.

It was an opportunity to develop literacy and history skills and to develop links with the local community and to create lasting resources to be used by the community.

The Year 2 pupils were able to relate their work on the Antarctic by joining with the KS2 History Club in this project.


Nature of strategy or activity:

The pupils were inspired by the many monuments around Cardiff dedicated to Captain Scott’s final expedition which left from Cardiff and had received a lot of support from the City. They interviewed the sculptor of the statue in Cardiff Bay and a member of the Captain Scott Society.

They took over the Cardiff Story museum and also acted as tour guides for a day to share with parents and the public, what they had learnt about the links between the expedition and Cardiff.

They created an oral History trail of the monuments for the People’s Collection Wales website, among other contributions.

The pupils made a video based on extracts from Scott’s diary and newspaper articles from when the expedition left Cardiff.

They wrote diary entries, letters, presentations etc. which were shared with the parents.

They recreated the last dinner reception attended by the expedition party, including the food, music and people from the event.


Impact on provision, teaching and learning and/or leadership:

The children decided for themselves how they would present the project and carried out extensive independent research. They devised their own interview questions and role plays.

The children have written and presented their own resources for the People’s Collection Wales website, in particular providing a public forum to demonstrate their improved literacy skills achieved after revisions of their performances. The pupils wrote and presented their own information to the public in the museum and were able to answer questions.

Links with partner organisations and the local community were further strengthened.

The pupils were able to share their work with other pupils in the school.

The competition judges commented:

‘The Year 2 pupils recalled their knowledge to an impressive level. KS2 pupils show an at-ease confidence in their knowledge and understanding. Character-based role play was performed in assured and convincing fashion.’

The project was awarded £500 prize money.


Where is the effective practice recognised?

The People’s collection Wales website.

Jordan Taylor (education outreach officer)-The Cardiff Story Museum.

The Welsh Heritage school’s Initiative –David Maddox/Clive Thomas