Context of Research The senior leadership team and staff were keen to expand the opportunities for pupils from both schools to work together to create a framework for successfully achieving Digital Competence whilst maximising the use of Hwb+. It was agreed that such opportunities should be relevant, challenging and exciting […]

Using Hwb+ to Engage Learners – Cwmclydach Primary and Ysgol y Ddraig   Recently added!

Context of Research The collaborative work began with a clear agenda and focus. This was to reflect on, and improve pedagogy in Year 1 so that it more closely aligns with the philosophy associated with the Foundation Phase. The main focus of the work undertaken was to develop the skills […]

Improving Foundation Phase Provision – SIG 32   Recently added!

Context of Research With a common focus on the issue of improvement, the purpose of the collaborative coaching programme was to encourage the development of a whole school coaching programme and in doing so collaborate with two other schools within a defined SIG. The focus of the coaching was to […]

Developing Outdoor Provision in the Foundation Phase – SIG 31   Recently added!

Context of Research Developing effective assessment for learning was the primary purpose of the project. In January, SIG 27 organised a two day conference focused on embedding formative assessment – ‘Leadership for Teacher Learning’ delivered by an external consultant. Teachers across the six schools worked in teaching triads to evaluate […]

Embedding Formative Assessment – SIG 27   Recently added!

Context of Research The work began with the development of an inter-connecting series of Hwb networks for SIG 24 schools: Welsh oracy moderated portfolio; Numerical reasoning moderated portfolio; SIG 24 community network; Office 365 Welsh second language; Office 365 numerical reasoning network; and Cascade training for all staff by SIG […]

Hwb to Support Moderation – SIG 24   Recently added!